Lyrae Group Philanthropy in the Florida Keys

Lyrae Group is a full-service agency with the experience and expertise to assist nonprofits and businesses with all aspects of an effective philanthropic agenda in the Florida Keys.

We salute the spirit and can-do attitude of the people and nonprofit groups in the Keys whose response to the devastation wrought by hurricane Irma was awe-inspiring. As Floridians ourselves, the Lyrae team fully understands the demanding work necessary to restore every aspect of life in the Keys while also having a keen eye to the future. And that’s where we can assist.

Keeping the funds flowing is key – both to ongoing recovery efforts and to making progress with longer-term strategic missions. Our fundraising campaigns, grants and legacy giving campaigns will help make the achievement of financial goals a reality.

We approach philanthropic strategies by listening first, then applying tried and tested tactics which are tailored to the specifics of your circumstances. We work on short-term projects as well as on longer-term strategic plans, complete with achievable target milestones. We can deploy as large or as small a team as you need.

Lyrae Group’s philanthropy practice has a broad range of faculties to effectively implement plans that obtain tangible results.

Our branding and marketing arms are adept at bringing attention to the issue at hand and operate seamlessly with Lyrae’s social media, membership, planned giving, and implementation specialists to bring about success.

A small sampling of objectives, that we can help your organization to realize, includes:

  • Targeted fundraising campaigns
  • Annual membership appeals
  • Sustainable planned giving programs
  • Alumni campaigns
  • Stewardship efforts
  • Corporate and government grants

Regardless of the scope of your organization’s goals, our team will work with yours to bring it to fruition.

Collaboration is fundamental at Lyrae. From start to finish, our specialists will work with your in-house staff or volunteers by sharing insight and expertise to produce optimal results.

We recognize that each nonprofit or business brings its own unique body of knowledge and skillsets to the table. By taking time to understand the vision of your organization as well as respecting and appreciating your talents, we are able to leverage the best of both and empower you to sustain success into the future.

Lyrae Group’s goal is to extend the principles of philanthropy and nonprofits into real assistance for the Florida Keys. Our mission is to be the go-to group for individuals and groups who are working hard to make the Florida Keys even more splendid than they were before the storm.

Thank you for your interest in Lyrae Group. We look forward to learning about your organization. For additional information on our professional services and expertise, we hope you’ll explore our website. Email or call us anytime. Please connect via social media and consider subscribing to our newsletter.

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