Project Leadership

Project leadership empowering and directing high-performing teams for nonprofit, philanthropic and corporate clients is a specialty of the Lyrae Group of West Palm Beach, Florida. Serving local and national groups of all sizes, our team of specialists includes: experts in leadership, branding, philanthropy, governance, marketing, membership, copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media.

Lyrae Group implements a strategy of close collaboration with clients. Doing so ensures that the many gifts, talents and leadership potential within a client’s in-house team of current staff personnel are discovered and utilized.

Motivated team members within your organization who already share a clear vision of a project’s common goals will be identified. By zeroing in on each person’s strengths, project efficiency is maximized and valuable time for everyone is saved.

To do this successfully, a leadership plan for each project is created and implemented by incorporating specific and achievable timelines. The plan is reassessed at key stages and adjusted as needed. New goals can be added or changed at any time in order to keep things fresh and innovative.

Individuals are held accountable to the standards they set for themselves and the organization as a whole. When stronger project leadership is needed, Lyrae’s specialists can step in and help train current staff for future success.

Time is taken to not only ask the right questions but also listen for answers. This approach assures key project players are in agreement of the defined vision. This type of dynamic communication leads to more creativity in brainstorming sessions, leaving individuals feeling empowered and safe to exchange ideas more openly.

Lyrae Group builds upon existing project leadership and strengths. Successful collaboration and working continuously with motivated team members to help bring lasting and positive change to internal processes is critical to mission oriented work.

Examples of Lyrae Group’s expertise include: