Performance Improvement

The Lyrae Group in Palm Beach County, Florida has a creative approach to performance improvement plans that helps non-profit, philanthropic and corporate clients achieve and sustain their full potential. No matter the size of your company or charitable organization or whether you are locally or nationally based, helping you and your team maximize your performance results is paramount.

A broad look is taken at your company’s mission before honing in on the minute details that often go unnoticed. These often forgotten specifics are instrumental in improving projects and creating better results. This wider-lens approach helps to analyze new ways your entire team can improve in performance areas such as visitor experiences, educational events and community outreach opportunities.

Lyrae’s team of leadership, branding, philanthropy, governance, marketing, membership, copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media specialists is equipped to handle a number of challenges to your organization’s performance – those identified and those yet to be uncovered. Objective viewpoints are provided on a variety of often-missed factors that could be affecting your company’s performance as well as constructive ideas and actions to resolve them.

We also have significant expertise in handling all details of special events, particularly those designed to improve organizational performance in the area of donor relations. New stewardship programs are just one example of programs that you may want to implement.

Customer loyalty programs can be quite successful for long-term engagement with customers and donors. Through careful collaboration, these programs can be set up to help you track engagement and customer experience.

A company is most successful when happy customers and long-term supporters want to share their positive impressions and experiences with a wider audience. Training programs are available to help our clients improve their customer response times through telephone, email, and social media as well as face-to-face contact. This will ensure the best possible impression is portrayed on every platform.

Examples of Lyrae Group’s expertise include: