Customer Strategy and Marketing

Lyrae Group in West Palm Beach, Florida, provides a comprehensive approach with highly strategic methods to help nonprofit, philanthropic and corporate clients achieve optimal results and enduring success. Branding, marketing, copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media specialists are available to help achieve your customer acquisition strategy and customer retention marketing goals. Leadership, membership philanthropy and governance professionals ensure customer strategy is infused throughout your entire organization.

We begin by targeting the best audience for your organization’s goals. Next, the right customers and supporters are contacted through the appropriate channels. Along the way, all of your questions and concerns will be heard. By collaborating over evaluation of audience demographics and current trends, plans can be adjusted to ensure success.

Choose convenient times for you and your team to stay in contact with our team. After an agreed upon marketing plan is in place, shared updates will make sure that messaging stays current and on point. Plans sometimes need to be modified to adapt to market changes. This is why close communication, and a trusted partnership with clients is essential to the process.

Whether you prefer traditional print or digital media for your campaign, customer engagement will be carefully tracked to provide feedback. This helps to identify problem areas and shows where strategies are working best. These real-time results are critical to maximize effectiveness.

Lyrae will develop, launch and market your organization’s products and services in a way that is precise, organized, strategic and effective. All of the work is done for you. Researching the best platforms and tactics to reach the widest audience, is what we are here for.

Leverage our expertise in long-term branding and sustainability to ensure that you and your team maximize corporate revenue and market-share growth.

Examples of Lyrae Group’s expertise include: